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The Beauty of Trees

Posted on 22nd February, 2021

Hello beautiful souls!

Trees have been on Earth long before humankind and have a history of symbolism, ancient wisdom, magic and healing powers. Just like humans, no two are the same and each tree has its own character, which some sensitive beings are able to connect to. The roots of a tree are said to connect to our sense of being and our anchoring in the world. They are happy where they are and do not move in their lifetime, unless of course we move them. Spending time around trees and nature can bring a much needed sense of perspective.

The trunk represents the strength and power within the tree and is often associated with healing, bringing clarity, peace and strength. The branches are said to represent our homes and families and certainly the birds would agree with this! Our family trees are often drawn in the same way a trees branches spread out. The leaves are seen to represent wisdom and the life and death cycle as they fall each Autumn and regrow in the Spring. Trees are wonderful examples of letting go.

Each year they let their leaves fall effortlessly and there seems to be no pain, no trauma and no fuss. If you find it difficult to let go of emotional trauma, try standing under a tree and gazing up. See if you can capture the moment a leaf begins its descent and as it falls, imagine letting go of something that is troubling you. When the leaf touches the ground, so your trouble can rest and become part of what was. The fruit of the tree represents new life, growth and power and provides wonderful food for animals, insects, birds and humans alike. It also represents the abundance of the Universe and when you look at trees and plants with a soft and open heart, you will see how abundance and plenty is available to us all.


The Beauty of Trees

"One does not walk into the forest and accuse the trees of being off centre, nor do they visit the shore and call the waves imperfect. Why then do we look at ourselves in this way?" Tao Te Ching