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Soul Gifts Emerging

Posted on 2nd March, 2021

Hello beautiful souls!

So what is your soul gift? What is your natural genius? This Soul Light or gift will always flower through your heart and I’m not referring to academic ability, I’m referring to what lights you up. What makes your heart sing? I believe that we are all born with unique soul gifts embedded deeply within us, but all too often, our life-time of programming prevents us from connecting to them. On the journey to connect, any illuminations must first pass through our mind and our feelings and in this human form, we may well attach a belief, a judgment or an emotion to whatever is emerging. Often we believe the judgment or dislike the memory of the feeling to such a point we switch off and seek to bury it even deeper. “I’m not good enough – my teacher told me so.” or “I can’t do that, my family will be disappointed”

But you are good enough and you were born with exactly what you need! Your families journey is theirs alone, not yours. So just for fun allow the light to enter you. Allow those things that light you up to take root and be sure that they will grow! It doesn't matter what it is, or how big or small it may seem. What matters is that it comes from the soul and lights you up.

In our day to day lives we can feel a sense of numbness or entropy, a sense of gloom. And so we seek to remove it by distractions – we turn on the TV, we check our messages, we go out and meet with friends, anything to rid ourselves of what we have come to know as boredom or even depression. It is perfectly natural to have internal weather, just as it is natural to have external weather.

And what if this boredom or numbness was in fact a really fertile space in your awareness just ready for planting seeds? What if you could sit in this state patiently and just allow whatever wants to emerge to emerge? What if you could see this state as an exciting and fertile time and just allow it to be without needing to fix it?

Just as the Sun doesn’t seem to worry about clouds in the sky, so maybe you could just allow your internal clouds to pass through and wait for whatever wants to come through? Maybe just reading the words on this page trigger a response deep in your soul – you may recognise it as ‘butterfly's’ or a sense of excitement somewhere deep inside you. You may also recognise it as a sense of loss – for something you always wanted to do, but have told yourself you can’t. Well you can!

Soul Gifts Emerging

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” Martin Luther King Jr.