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The older Witches and Wizards will often call on their dear Ostara to help if any of the Pixies, Elves or fairies are experiencing difficulties emotionally, or if they have important have choices to make. Ostara has such a unique way of helping them to reconnect to their heart and their inner voice, so she doesn’t give advice, rather she opens up the gateways for them to see clearly what they already know. No one knows exactly where Ostara came from, but Torreth watched her fall from the sky many years ago on Easter Monday and has always said she is indeed a Star-Fish.

She does look similar to the starfish we have come to know and love on Earth and she carries many of the qualities, both physical and spiritual, but otherwise she could not be more different! She doesn’t need to live in the water for one thing, although she is known for puddle bathing after a good rainfall! Ostara has seven legs and depending on how she is feeling, one or more will begin to glow and become luminous. As she is able to feel the energy of those around her, it can be quite interesting to watch the colour display sometimes, because all of her delicate feet can be lit up at once! There have been a few occasions where her colour has changed completely to the purest silver-white and Torreth believes it always happens when there has been an increase in the energy field across the planet.

Ostara doesn’t actually think with a brain, because just like the starfish we know, she doesn’t have one, but oh my goodness, she is very intelligent indeed. She doesn’t spend time thinking or worrying about what to do, she just does whatever her intuition tells her to do and she lives completely in the flow of just being the whole time. She also knows if something is wrong and some of the wiser Wizards and Witches of The Magic Wood are able to interpret her colours and her movements very quickly now. After all, if there is danger around for Ostara, there is likely to be danger for everybody. She teaches the Pixies, Fairies and Elves to trust their instinct or ‘gut feeling’ because it is rarely wrong and speaks even louder than Gwanfwee when he is shouting!

The sheer beauty of Ostara is such a reflection for everyone of the beauty and variety on Earth and it is impossible to watch her without becoming so much more aware of movement, colour, textures and shapes. Mawn has a very close bond with her and spent many days looking after her when she lost one of her legs! During this time he came to realise that Ostara was actually able to heal herself completely and the hours spent watching over her closely taught him that he too was capable of regenerating his own emotions and letting go of worries and thoughts that no longer served him. You can always find Ostara if you look carefully enough – there is nowhere and no-one that she avoids, but once you have found her you will be changed in some beautiful way forever.